As an accredited college, WCC is continuously developing and strengthening the strategic planning process – building up from Yuba Community College District's long-standing focus on student success.  The process began with overviews of the District's planning documents, information collection (including detailed reviews of demographic data, student information, enrollment patterns, student achievement as well as student and staff surveys), and robust dialogue within the campus. The results of our efforts towards continuous quality improvement are posted under College Planning Documents.

WCC encourages the entire campus community and community partners to become engaged in the planning process – providing opportunities for feedback and participation in many venues, such as committees, surveys and forums. You can find information on various committees and their actions at the Woodland Community College Committees, Project Teams & Site Councils.

As part of the college's ongoing process of self-improvement the Vice Chancellor for Educational Planning and Services develops, coordinates, and disseminates an Institutional Effectiveness Model Annual Report each year. The intent of this document is to keep the college in compliance with the accreditation standards and oversight organizations.

Woodland Community College has a robust integrated quality improvement and planning process which has resulted in plans such as:

  1. Educational Master Plan
  2. Matriculation Plan
  3. Basic Skills Initiative Plan
  4. Student Equity Plan
  5. Technology Plan
  6. Budget Plan

If you have comments, suggestions or need assistance accessing the campus plans, please contact Dr. Siria Martinez, Dean of Student Success and Institutional Effectiveness at or (530) 668-2536.

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