Program Reviews



Program review is one part of determining the overall institutional effectiveness of the colleges in the Yuba Community College District. Academic Program Reviews are periodic formal evaluations designed to bring about systematic improvements and enhancements in instructional programs. Program review also serves as the basis for all program recommendations, including curriculum and program direction, staffing, facilities, and equipment/technology.


Because educational program development is an obligation of the Academic Senate, faculty from every department must play an active role in the program review process. In addition, a part of each faculty member's responsibility is to play a major role in the periodic departmental self-evaluation. It is also a collaborative process involving the Dean and other members of the college community with knowledge of the program.


The program review is a three-step process:

  1. An analysis of the current program, by college, will be completed. This includes the current status of the program; a look at the future direction of the program; and a specific look at the program in relationship to curriculum, staffing, facilities, and equipment/technology.
  2. An analysis of the required data elements is to be completed to support conclusions drawn and recommendations made. These data elements should be used to summarize a program's growth, retention rates, grade distributions, and efficiency (WSCH/FTE) when analyzing the program. The data elements, used as previously mentioned, will be provided to the committee in the required format and must be included in the final report as an appendix to the program review document. In addition, the program review committee may decide to use other data elements to develop recommendations based upon the program analysis. The use of appropriate internal and external data, including the use of student surveys, is suggested to support the evaluation, conclusions, and recommendations that emerge from the review.
  3. Development of the final report.


Program reviews are conducted in TracDat, a web-based software that allows us to collect, track and report out on Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) and program review requests and recommendations. Yuba Community College District has been leveraging the strengths and flexibility of TracDat since December of 2010 to streamline our continuous quality improvements based on evidence from program reviews. For more information and to access TracDat, go here

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